Professional spindle service - for all brands and designs

HS Drive TeC is your one-stop solution for all your needs regarding motor spindles and drilling gear units. With an all-encompassing outlook, we offer comprehensive assistance to all industrial sectors in which working with spindle motors and drilling gear is the norm.

Among them the production of prefabricated houses, kitchen and living room furniture as well as doors and windows. The robotics and aerospace industries and the glass processing sector also figure here. Based on decades of experience, HS Drive TeC not only offers you competent advice and technical expertise regarding application of your spindle – it also places a strong focus on repair and maintenance of motor spindles and drilling units, of any established manufacturer. The timber, plastics and aluminium industries as well as the metal working and automotive industries all fall into our area of expertise.

You will find competent service with us, rapid implementation, and highly precise work. This is what we mean by professional spindle service. Find out more about how you can benefit from the quality, expertise, and experience of HS Drive TeC. Increase your productivity when processing various materials with our spindles for metal, wood and so on

  • Repair Service for Electric Motors and Motor-Spindles in Dry Machining
    (Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, etc.)
  • Here, all Electric Motors and Motor-Spindles of all global
    Manufacturers can be repaired.
  • Repair Service on Motor-Spindles and Main Spindles in Wet Machining
    (Metal, Stone, Marble, Glass, etc.)

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Comprehensive spindle service

- for dry and wet processing

HS Drive TeC offers you qualified spindle service for the following areas of application:

  • Motors and motor spindles in dry processing of wood, plastic and aluminium
  • Motor spindles and main spindles in wet processing of metal, stone, marble and glass
  • Drilling gear units and drilling spindles from all manufacturers

We give detailed advice and develop your perfect solution based on your individual needs.

Spindle service from a single source

- professional, of prime quality & fast

To us, efficient spindle service means proximity to customers. We will visit your company – we are present wherever a solution is required. Only if we are familiar with on-site conditions can we provide expert advice, react and plan independently of manufacturers and focus entirely on your needs. In addition, we can precisely control each development step and are able to readjust and optimise throughout the entire process. Our employees are at your side with maximum competence regarding consultation, development, assembly, and repair of motor spindles. Comprehensive service as a true one-stop solution – this is our promise to you.

A summary of our services

  • Repair of spindle motors and drilling gear units – all manufacturers accepted
  • Maintenance services
  • On-site analyses
  • Providing support during installation and removal of defective assemblies, and during implementation of new systems
  • Checking and adjusting the rotor runout
  • Availability of a spindle hotel

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Consulting is our strength


Our comprehensive service starts with giving detailed and bespoke advice on the selection and usage of a suitable spindle motor. From calculating the chipping task to selecting suitable motor spindles to configurating a complete drive package – we fully cater to your wishes and offer you a professional solution from one single source. Expert advice, however, is readily available at all stages – also during operation, as soon as problems or potential outages occur. Ongoing service is a matter of course for HS Drive TeC. Our qualified service technicians are always available to answer all your questions and concerns regarding motor spindles.

Giving your motor spindles a break: the HS Drive TeC spindle hotel

In addition to repair, service and maintenance, our comprehensive range of spindle services also includes expert storage of repaired spindles. A removed spindle should be carefully stored and looked after, to ensure it functions perfectly the next time it is used. Our employees regularly check, maintain and move a spindle so that it is ready for immediate use as soon as it is needed by our customers. Within hours of your call the spindle will leave the spindle hotel in perfect condition, ready for use.

Numerous advantages and years of experience in spindle service – your benefit

HS Drive TeC is at your side with a highly trained team for full service in the field of motor spindles and drilling gears. We offer the complete solution you’ve been looking for. For two decades now, our highly qualified employees and partners have been contributing to our quality standard at top-level with their experience in development and production as well as repair service in the field of motor spindle technologies.

We supply, maintain and repair motor spindles for a wide range of industrial sectors, where they are used, for example, for milling and grinding as well as for deburring workpieces in the fields of aluminium, plastics or wood. After a complete recording of your machine and spindle data, our specialists can arrange a stocking of spare parts of production-critical machines and spindles thanks to catalogued data. Through this preventive measure, we guarantee quick repair with low response times. Specially devised customer maintenance and repair service concepts allow us to bypass any production shortages or outages. The high acquisition costs for new spindles, too, can be avoided in this way. Trust the skilled team at HS Drive TeC and benefit from our expert spindle service, also on hand for you in case of an emergency. Contact us at any time – we are available for you around the clock!

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Please use the form on the right to inform us about the spindle or other product you need to be repaired.

Feel free to write a message with detailed information including description of product, data on item plate, failure description. A picture will be helpful, too.

You will get a non-binding offer by mail immediately after.

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