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With a frequency converter, you can intelligently control the frequency and voltage of drives and increase the efficiency of your spindle drive. Open loop frequency inverters, which can be compactly installed and parameterised according to your specifications, are the right choice for simple applications with a manageable range of functions. HS Drive TeC will be happy to advise you on which converters in our range are suitable for your operational applications.

Where are open loop frequency inverters used?

The frequency converter offers an innovative solution for efficiently controlling the speed and power of your drive. HS Drive TeC offers it as a drive system for spindles, but there are also many other areas of application for the converters with their compact design.

By using the frequency converter, you reduce the electrical and mechanical load on the motor spindle. The soft start and controlled speed take the strain off the spindle when it starts up. This puts less strain on it, which extends the service life of the spindle.

What distinguishes this variant from closed loop models?

The name refers to the type of control loop. In the case of a closed loop frequency converter, there is a closed control loop in which the process input variables are coupled to the output variables. This is usually done via a speed measurement system or encoder system. If faults or unexpected events occur in the system, these can be dealt with directly in a closed control loop.

With an open loop frequency inverter, there is no link between the input and output variables. Here it depends solely on the explicit specifications in the control system as to how the drive system should react to certain events. The functions of open-loop frequency converters are therefore less complex than those of a closed loop model. For some drives, an open control loop with clear specifications in the control system is sufficient for safe and efficient operation. The less complex design means that the costs for this component can be kept correspondingly low.

Overview of models in our range

There are currently two models in the HS Drive TeC range that are suitable as compact open loop frequency inverters for many simple applications. Both models feature speed-torque vector control and are suitable for synchronous encoderless and asynchronous applications.

Standard Drive Series S2U

U/F – Speed / Torque controlled

S2U – cheap, small & efficient

A compact frequency inverter for simple applications where the controlled speed-torque vector functionality of the S2U is clearly advantageous.

f.e. for material handling, pumps, fans and mixer applications

The S2U series is available in two sizes with an output of 0.2 – 2.2 KW. This drive offers an easy connection by a wide range of communication protocols such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen and Ethernet (TCP/IP) via a Modbus gateway port. For successful commissioning of the application, the S2U is equipped with an RJ 45 interface, which enables the customer to set parameters quickly and easily using the PC-based VPlus software.

Technical Details:

  • Voltage Supply ………… 1 ph. / 230 V
  • Power Range ……………… 0,2 KW – 2,2 KW
  • Protection Class ………………………… IP 20 / IP 66
  • Integrated EMI Filter …… According to Standard (IEC) EN61800-3
  • Output Frequency ………… up to 650 Hz
  • Switching Frequency …………… 1 – 16 KHz
  • Overload Capacity …………… 150 % for 60 Sec.


With the Standard Drive Series S2U, you are opting for a compact and cost-effective model with a wide range of applications. Available with an output of between 0.2 and 2.2 kW, the Modbus gateway port enables flexible connection to common protocols such as CANopen, Profibus or Ethernet (TCP/IP). The PC-based VPlus software not only makes it easy to commission the application, it also enables parameterisation with just a few clicks and settings. This model is only suitable for asynchronous (V/f) applications.

Advanced Drive Series AgilE

Speed-torque vector control in OPEN-LOOP mode for sensorless synchronous / asynchronous applications

AgilE – Advanced Properties

This frequency inverter offers the variety to implement your applications innovatively and successfully.
Thanks to its high-performance, sensorless functionality for synchronous and asynchronous motors, unique control properties in speed-torque operation are guaranteed. Despite its compact and small design, the AgilE offers an enormous power range of 0.25 – 11 KW in three sizes. Concentrated technology for automation processes in following application areas:

F.e. wood, plastic, ceramics, glass processing and packaging application

From the integrated safety technology and advanced energy saving functions to special high-speed software, the AgilE offers many more advantages so that it can solve any application easily, successfully and sustainably.

Technical Details:

  • Voltage Supply ………… 1 ph. / 3 ph. / 230 V & 3 ph. / 400 V
  • Power Range ………… 0,25 KW – 11 KW
  • Protection Class …………………… IP 20
  • Integrated EMI Filter ………… according to Standard (IEC) EN61800-3
  • Output Frequency ………… up to 1800 Hz
  • Switching Frequency …………… 2 – 16 KHz
  • Overload Capacity ………… 150 % for 60 Sec. / 200 % for 1 Sec.
  • Special High-Speed-Software
  • Functional Safety ………… Safe Torque OFF


The functionality of the Advanced Drive Series AgilE is designed for high-performance applications for which an open loop frequency inverter with an open control loop is still sufficient. It functions either as V/f voltage control or as encoderless field-orientated control, where no encoder system is required. The power range between 0.25 and 11.0 kW covers various applications, and you can order the model from us in three sizes. Process wood, plastic or glass, for example, with this efficient, powerful drive control system, which leaves nothing to be desired thanks to its high-speed software and modern energy-saving functions.

When equipping a new system with an open loop frequency inverter, it is not always clear at first glance which model is suitable for the respective drive purpose. Please contact our experts for explicit advice and design. We will ensure that the selected components meet your requirements and provide you with more in-depth insights into the technical information of our open loop frequency inverters. Of course, this also applies to our spindles and other components with which you can fundamentally modernise your drive technology.

Open Loop frequency inverters from HS Drive TeC – your benefits

As a specialist in spindles and modern drive technology, we at HS Drive TeC combine practical experience with extensive expertise in development and production. In addition to selling powerful open loop frequency inverters and other drive components, we are at your side for advice, commissioning, maintenance and repair. With our range of services from a single source, you can rely on a central contact partner for all drive technology issues, who will help you with the renewal or basic equipment of your machines, systems and devices.

Whether it is the manufacture of furniture, doors, gates or the processing of glass and plastics – we are familiar with all applications of spindles for material processing with the associated drive technology. In addition to the suitable open loop frequency inverter according to your requirements in terms of size, performance values and functionality in the control system, we also put together all other components for a customised drive technology for you.

You can also rely on our experience for practical analyses and advice on all aspects of your industrial production. Thanks to technical developments, not only in the field of frequency converters, costs can be reduced and performance values increased by replacing individual components. We can provide you with comprehensive advice and help you to select forward-looking solutions for your company.

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