Closed loop frequency inverter - Regulating speeds in a closed control loop

In many drive systems, constant pressure, temperature and other parameters are essential. As an integrated motor controller, the closed loop frequency inverter works with a closed control loop, allowing continuous and direct speed feedback. This considerably expands the range of functions of the frequency converter and gives you the certainty that you will always have the best possible precision for the actual speed of your drive systems.

Closed loop frequency inverters for efficient control of your application

As integrated motor controls for various industrial applications, closed loop solutions as servo controllers or frequency converters are among the leading standards. The HS Drive TeC range covers various applications in the field of spindle drive technology with these and open loop frequency converters. Closed loop frequency inverters and servo controllers are primarily used where the permanent maintenance of constant measured variables without external regulation and control is required. These measured variables include

  • Pressure
  • temperature
  • voltage
  • Speed
  • Flow rate

Precise speed and torque stability can be achieved by continuously recording the actual speed as an output variable and using it directly as a new input variable. The result is a powerful and reliable drive technology in which the system independently influences differences in the controlled variable and regulates them by continuously recording and adapting the manipulated variable.

What is the difference between open and closed loop frequency inverters?

Depending on the area of application and your expectations in drive technology, an open loop frequency converter with an open control loop can be a price-conscious alternative. You can also find these in several models at HS Drive TeC. In the case of open loop control, the speed does not flow into the ongoing drive process as an output variable.

The open loop control therefore operates according to your specific requirements. The drive with brand products sold by HS Drive TeC runs flawlessly and at the highest level, but you specify the control parameters explicitly and without continuous feedback from the system. Accordingly, the closed loop frequency inverter is a higher-quality choice with more extensive functionality options.

Our all-rounder – the Active Cube series

If you want to control your drive systems via a closed loop frequency inverter, our Active Cube series is the versatile all-rounder. The series can be used as a servo actuator and as a frequency inverter with or without an encoder, with a choice of performance with power values between 0.25 and 1,200 kW. You can choose between eight housing sizes to match the performance, so that the Active Cube series fits exactly into your machine.

As a closed loop frequency inverter, the Active Cube series is particularly suitable for demanding applications, for example in industrial environments or in the woodworking sector. The innovative drive system can be easily and reliably controlled using our special high-speed software to set all the basic parameters of the control loop.

The system can be overloaded by a maximum of 150 % for one minute and 200 % for one second. The closed loop frequency inverter also has advantages compared to other types of regulation and control in this respect. Our team will be happy to advise you on whether the Active Cube series meets your requirements and what alternatives we have in our range.


Technical Details:

  • Voltage Supply ………… 1-3 ph. / 230 V & 3 ph. / 400 V
  • Power Range ……………… 0,25 KW – 1200 KW
  • Protection Class ………………………… IP 20
  • Output Frequency ………… up to 1800 Hz
  • Switching Frequency …………… 2 – 16 KHz
  • Overload Capacity …………… 150 % for 60 Sek. & 200 % for 1 Sek.
  • Special High-Speed-Software
  • Functional Safety …………… Safe Torque OFF

Your benefits with HS Drive TeC

  • Our extensive experience with spindles and other components of modern drive technology enables us to help you create harmonised drive systems. The models we offer meet the highest technical standards and can be customised to your individual requirements.
  • Thanks to our comprehensive advice, you will find the right solutions even for very specific applications. An expert from HS Drive TeC will be happy to advise you in detail on how to perfectly harmonise all the components of your motor and drive technology
  • In order to optimise the use of the Active Cube for your integrated motor control, we will also support you after your purchase. From commissioning and repair service to strategic advice – we provide you with everything from a single source. Especially if you are switching from another drive solution to a closed loop frequency inverter or would like to convince yourself of our quality for the first time, we will show you how the desired applications can be easily realised.

Experience variable automation at a new level

With a closed loop frequency inverter, you combine maximum reliability for constant speeds with a high degree of flexibility and variability. Your drive solutions benefit from this in many areas:

  • The permanent monitoring of a possible motor overload condition gives you the certainty that devastating motor damage will be effectively averted.
  • The same applies due to the lack of need to intervene in the system from outside.
  • Machines and systems benefit from maintaining an optimum speed range through a longer service life and less wear.
  • Specific requirements can be realised quickly and adapted again and again, ensuring maximum flexibility in production and for your end products.

Get advice on closed loop frequency inverters now

Take a look at the technical specifications online to see the advantages of the closed loop frequency inverters in our range for yourself. For further details, the experts at HS Drive TeC will be happy to help you personally to make the ideal choice for your operational applications.

Get in touch today to select the right open or closed loop frequency inverter and other components for modern drive technology. We combine technical expertise with friendly advice for the best possible product purchase.

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