Functional safety with HS Drive TeC

Functional safety applications ensure that man and machine are protected optimally during all work processes. With the high safety criteria according to standards such as DIN 61 508 and DIN EN ISO 13849, your company also has to fulfil clear requirements for functional safety in manual and automated operation. With our SAFEONE and SAFELINE VARIO product groups, we offer you intelligent solutions for the safe monitoring and shutdown of your automated machines and systems, which fulfil the requirements for personal protection in your company as a reliable safety function.


Safety technology – more than just protection for your employees

The development of modern safety technology for automated machines and systems prioritises the protection of the human operator. Functional safety through our proven product groups goes beyond this and gives you the security to utilise your automated machinery efficiently and optimally in accordance with the required safety standards. These important advantages include

  • Safe determination and monitoring of a defined direction of movement, e.g. of motorised spindles, spindle motors or drive motors for escalators
  • Reliable speed control including limitation (Safe Limited Speed)
  • Improving the safe working environment for your employees

With one or more safety circuits, you can ensure that your system is subject to intelligent, safe monitoring and can be shut down immediately in the event of an emergency. The HS Drive TeC team will be happy to advise you on which solution is best suited to your individual application.


Innovative Machine Safety in a Compact Design

Your pioneering approach to functional safety in automation

Our SAFEONE product group in profile

With SAFEONE DS, you are opting for an external safety controller with individual modules that functions as a dual-channel monitor. SAFEONE functions as a phase, standstill and speed monitor via several safety circuits, and it is also possible to control a safe input and output. The sensorless solution can also be used on its own and, at 22.5 cm, boasts an extremely compact design. This makes SAFEONE ideal for retrofitting or upgrading your machinery, offering an uncomplicated and user-friendly installation.

Our SAFELINE VARIO product group in profile

As a safety controller, our SAFELINE VARIO is designed as a main control module, whereby individual modules for functional safety can also be integrated. Safe two-channel monitoring of standstill or speed (SLS) can be easily implemented in conjunction with a safety encoder. Thanks to a wide range of available hardware components and software functions, the functionality can be easily expanded and customised for complex machine applications.

Functional safety – your benefits

Our solutions for functional safety in automation are designed as dual-channel security technology. This ensures that they are not susceptible to faults and failures. If there is a technical failure or defect in the safety function, the other channel remains intact and can fulfil your requirements in terms of safety for man and machine.

For spindle applications, from driving your drilling gears to milling and deburring, our dual-channel solutions make an essential contribution to the safety of the machine operator in your automated production. Whether installed directly or retrofitted, you can be sure that the direction of rotation and speed of every spindle application is monitored at all times and that a controlled safety function is triggered in the event of imminent deviations. The safe standstill of a motorised spindle is of great importance, especially in spindle applications. The standstill monitor recognises the safe standstill of the motor spindle. The safety door is then released so that the employee can safely enter the machining area.

Ensuring functional safety – we advise you!

For safe communication in automation, reliable encoder feedback and other features of a smoothly functioning machine park, it makes sense to select and harmonise your modular safety solution wisely. As an experienced partner, HS Drive TeC is at your side to help you customise each safety function precisely to your requirements.

Simply contact us and tell us about your operational needs and ideas. We will familiarise you individually with the best applications that will advance your functional safety reliably and cost-consciously!



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