Spindle repair - comprehensive service for your motor spindle

Even with the highest quality of your motor spindle and genuine branded goods, damage and defects cannot be completely avoided. Such damage quickly leads to delays or a standstill in production. When you choose a spindle repair by HS Drive TeC, you can trust in our professional know-how for spindles of all major manufacturers and model series. We will quickly and efficiently ensure that your production runs smoothly again and you can rely on your motor spindle.

Professional spindle repair with excellent service

The breakdown of a spindle often occurs spontaneously and in the middle of a running production. The gradual wear in bearings and sensors very often causes permanent damage. In order to return to flawless and safe production, the fastest and most economical method is to repair the motor spindle.
If you can’t or don’t want to delay a spindle repair any longer, HS Drive TeC will help you within a few working days. We stand for a quick and professional handling of the repair, so that you do not lose any turnover due to a standstill in production. We will also be happy to assist you with any further questions, from selection to optimisation of your motor spindles.

Repair of all types of spindles

Whether wood, plastic, aluminium or other metals – we offer our repair service for spindles processing numerous materials and substances. We maintain and repair motor spindles and milling motors for the following manufacturers, to name just a few:


When it comes to our repair service, it does not matter whether your motor spindle was planned and selected with us or with another company. In any case, we stand by your side and will be happy to become your long-term partner, convincing you of fast and reliable service, not only during the repair.

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Advantages of a spindle repair


Especially in times of bottlenecks in supply, the repair of a motor spindle can avoid extended downtimes and the resulting loss of production compared to replacement. But a spindle repair also has other advantages, such as the enormously improved economic efficiency. This is because both a new spindle and a replacement spindle incur high costs, which can be bypassed by repairing your damaged motor spindle. If you decide to have your spindle repaired by HS Drive TeC, you will not only receive your spindle back in the shortest possible time and in top condition, but you will also benefit from a one-year warranty – even on the bearing.

How the spindle repair with HS Drive TeC works

When repairing your motor spindle, we rely on tried and tested procedures that guarantee you little stress, short downtimes and comprehensive support from us:
1. You contact us and describe the problem with your spindle. Afterwards we can provide you with an initial, expert assessment.
2. You send us the motor spindle which needs to be repaired.
3. After dismantling, we carry out an extensive analysis of the spindle and explain to you which repairs are necessary. For this purpose, we prepare an individual offer.
4. If you as the customer have agreed to our offer and authorised the repair, we will subsequently carry it out.
5. After assembly and a successful test run, we will return the repaired motor spindle to you together with all documented test results.

As a matter of principle, we carry out our repairs using spare parts of original quality so that you do not have to compromise on manufacturing quality in the future. Usually, the entire process is completed within three working days, so that you do not have to fear unnecessarily long production downtimes. The repair of the motor spindle is carried out exclusively by trained experts who perform all the work involved with the utmost precision.


- thanks to comprehensive support

HS Drive TeC knows from experience that many companies delay a spindle repair because they fear the costs. Even though breakdowns in production can cause immense economic damage, the worry about a high bill is strong. With us, you have the security of knowing that every repair will be performed on fair terms and with reasonable prices for original quality spare parts.

Trustworthy selection of your new motor spindles

It may happen that a spindle repair is not possible any more. To ensure that your production does not suffer for too long, we provide you with comprehensive and independent advice on the purchase of new spindles. You do not necessarily have to choose the exact same model that was previously installed in your machine.
We are familiar with all developments on the market and can show you new and modern alternatives for the motor spindles you have been using up to now. Use a technical consultation with our experts if the purchase of a new spindle instead of a spindle repair cannot be avoided.

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Repair service

- not only for spindles

Our team is at your side not only for the professional inspection and repair of main and motor spindles, but also offers qualified repair service for other technical components for machining wood, plastic or metal. These include, among others:

Drilling gears
Multi-axis heads
Machining units
Special drilling gears

Equally, we will guide you in selecting the right drive to ensure that your repaired or new spindle can work for you with optimised performance – for many months and years to come.

Get in touch now for your spindle repair

Are you interested in a spindle repair? Or would you like to learn more about modern motor spindles in general and are considering optimising your operational production? In any case, contact us. The HS Drive TeC team is your powerful and helpful service partner with maximum competence.

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- fast & uncomplicated

Please use the form on the right to inform us about the spindle or other product you need to be repaired.

Feel free to write a message with detailed information including description of product, data on item plate, failure description. A picture will be helpful, too.

You will get a non-binding offer by mail immediately after.

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