Drilling gears - Professional service for industry and craft

The precise and efficient operation of your drilling gears is essential for clean drilling in industry and crafts. Any interruption in production is painful and requires immediate action. Therefore, it is very important for you to have a trustworthy specialist like HS Drive TeC as a permanent partner, who will repair your drilling gear in the event of damage. We offer competence, flexibility, speed and the highest quality. Our experts will also be happy to advise you regarding the selection of drilling spindles to drive the gearbox and other components.

Where are drilling gears used?

With our service, we address companies of all sizes in industry and craft. Wherever mechanical drilling work is carried out using drilling gears from a wide range of manufacturers, HS Drive TeC is available to you 24/7 on a flexible basis.

Our common customers are manufacturers of:

  • Kitchen and home furniture,
  • doors, gates and windows,
  • parts and components made of metal, plastic or aluminium,
  • wood products of all kinds,
  • and much more


- from consultation to repair

As a specialist for drilling gears, spindles and other components, we offer you more than just sales. HS Drive TeC acts as a holistic service partner that you can rely on not only before and after the purchase of your operational equipment, but also in the event of a defect. Whether for advice on your drilling gear with a corresponding technical approach, maintenance or repair – you can always rely on the expertise and experience of our qualified specialists. HS Drive TeC will be happy to support you in optimising your machinery with lasting effect.

This is how drilling gear repair works

- with HS Drive TeC

To ensure that the repair of your drilling gear is as quick and stress-free as possible, we at HS Drive TeC rely on proven and transparent processes. This does not only minimise costly downtime, but also avoids uncertainties during the repair process.

  1. You contact us and describe the problem with your drilling gear. We can then give you an initial, qualified assessment.
  2. You send us the drilling gear to be repaired.
  3. After dismantling the drilling gear, we carry out an extensive analysis to determine the steps necessary for repair. For this purpose, we will prepare an individual offer for you.
  4. After you have accepted our offer and approved the repair, we will carry it out.
  5. As soon as the drilling gear has been assembled and a successful test run has taken place, we send it back to you including all documented test results.

To ensure that you do not have to compromise on manufacturing quality in the future, we carry out all repairs using original quality spare parts. The entire process is usually completed within three working days, so that high sales losses due to standstill production can be avoided. In addition, the repair of the drilling gear is carried out by experienced specialists, whose working methods are characterised by the highest precision and quality.

Drilling gear service and repair

- Your advantages at a glance

With HS Drive TeC’s professional drilling gear service and repair, you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Reduced costly production downtimes
  • Minimising high maintenance costs
  • Avoiding high costs for new drilling gears through fast and professional repair and maintenance
  • Repair at fair conditions, reasonable prices for spare parts in original quality
  • available 24/7
  • 1 year warranty and guarantee after delivery
  • Two decades of experience –> competence and quality at the highest level
  • Suitable equipment for every type of machining task to complement your new drilling gear
  • Product range of major, well-known brands in the industry for optimum drilling performance
  • Stock of spare parts for production-critical machines and drilling gears –> fast repair with short response times

Contact us now: HS Drive TeC service for your drilling gears

Are you looking for a competent partner who can give you expert advice on all your questions about drilling gears? Do you need quick help because your drilling gear is damaged and production is on hold? Then you have chosen the right address. HS Drive TeC is your reliable solution provider when it comes to first-class drilling gear service and repair. Our experienced team of experts is ready to get your equipment back in top condition and to reduce downtime to a minimum. We understand how important smooth production operations are to your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to make an appointment or for more information. Take the first step towards a more reliable and efficient way of working!


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