Motorspindles for metalworking - all information

HS Drive TeC offers you a wide range of motor spindles for metalworking. Please use the product request below to find the right motor spindle for your special application. In order to make this as easy as possible for you, we have already saved selection criteria under the technical data.

Our Standards:

  • Power: 6,5 – 42,0 kW
  • Tool Holder: HSK-E25,
  • HSK-C40, HSK-A63, HSK-A80, HSK-A100
  • Synchronous or asynchronous built-in motors
  • Speed: 5.000 – 75.000 RPM


Our Options and Functionalities:

  • Installation and Mounting Dimensions according to Customer Request
  • Bearing lubrication: grease or oil-air lubrication
  • High resolution motor speed and position sensor
  • Water, oil or fan cooling system
  • Temperature and vibration sensor systems
  • HSK, SK, Capto, BT, EX tool interface
  • Monitoring and Data Logging System
  • Manual or Automatic Tool Change
  • Hybrid or steel bearings
  • Shaft cooling solution (MQL,QTS)
  • Spindle expansion compensation


Power: 0 - 0 (kW)
Torque: 0 - 0 (Nm)
Max. Speed: 0 - 0 (U/min)
DescriptionOuter Dimension (mm)Tool HolderBuilt-In MotorPower (kW)Torque (Nm)max. Speed (RPM)
HSM060ACØ 120HSK C40Asynchronous15,04,845.000
HSM060SBØ 120HSK E25Synchronous10,01,375.000
HSM070SCØ 140HSK A63Synchronous6,56,514.000
HSM090SGØ 190HSK A100Synchronous70,0203,08.000
HSM105SDØ 220HSK A80Synchronous23,0130,05.000
HSM105SFØ 180HSK A63Synchronous34,0108,015.000
HSM132ABØ 270HSK C63Asynchronous23,0130,06.800
HSE150SD300 x 300HSK A125Synchronous70,0446,03.000
HSE130SE600 x 274customer requirementsSynchronous100,048,020.000
HSS105SE525 x 220customer requirementsSynchronous25,860,015.000
HSM100SBØ 230HSK A63Synchronous24,066,06.500
KX-2 31/3 15 63AØ 202HSK A63Synchronous31,068,015.000
KX-2 32/4.5 24 63AØ 202HSK A63Synchronous32,068,024.000
MX-2 42/6 18 63AØ 180HSK A63Synchronous42,067,018.000
MX-2 42/6 24 63AØ 180HSK A63Synchronous42,067,024.000
MX-2 47/3 15 100AØ 210HSK A100Synchronous47,0150,015.000
MX-2 42/12 20 63AØ 180HSK A63Asynchronous42,033,720.000
MX-2 42/12 28 63AØ 180HSK A63Asynchronous42,033,728.000

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