Motorspindles for glass processing - All information

HS Drive TeC offers you a wide range of motor spindles for glass processing. Please use the product request below to find the right motor spindle for your special application. In order to make this as easy as possible for you, we have already saved selection criteria under the technical data.

Power: 0 - 0 (kW)
Torque: 0 - 0 (Nm)
Max. Speed: 0 - 0 (U/min)
DescriptionOuter Dimension (mm)Tool HolderBuilt-In MotorPower (kW)Torque (Nm)max. Speed (RPM)
GX-40 I30152 x 175ISO 30Synchronous3,76,013.000
GX-40 I40152 x 175ISO 40Synchronous3,76,012.000
GX-60 I30152 x 175ISO 30Synchronous6,09,513.000
GX-60 I40152 x 175ISO 40Synchronous6,09,512.000
GX-80 I40152 x 175ISO 40Synchronous8,012,712.000
GXM-95 I40175 x 200ISO 40Synchronous9,518,312.000
GXM-115 I40175 x 200ISO 40Synchronous11,518,512.000
GXM-130 I40175 x 200ISO 40Synchronous13,027,612.000
GXM-170 I40175 x 200ISO 40Synchronous17,031,012.000
SGX-130 I40Ø 176,5ISO 40Synchronous13,027,612.000
SGX-170 I40Ø 176,5ISO 40Synchronous17,031,012.000
SXM-2 250 I40230 x 230ISO 40Synchronous24,0105,010.000
SXL-350 I50275 x 270ISO 50Synchronous35,0240,014.000

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