Electric Motors for dry machining - Spindles for Dry-Cutting Industry

HS Drive TeC offers you a wide range of electric motors for dry machining. Please use the product request below to find the right motor for your special application. In order to make this as easy as possible for you, we have already saved selection criteria under the technical data.

Our Standards:

  • Power: 0,06 – 20,0 kW
  • Collet Tool Holder: ER11 – ER40
  • Manual HSK Clamping: HSK-C32 – HSK-C63
  • Various Shaft and Saw Tool Holder Configuration
  • Various Special Tool Holder Configuration: F.e. HSK-25R
  • Asynchronous Built-in Motors
  • Speed: 3.000 – 60.000 U/min
  • Various Cooling Methods
  • Double-Ended Milling Spindles: ER11 – ER40

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